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Amazon Music

Mike Flux has pushed one step further by making his All About House Music Podcasts available on Amazon Music.

Click Below to go to Mike Flux Amazon Music Page:


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Mike Flux is now on Deezer
Once again Mike Flux has pushed further onto another popular platform
for on demand mixes. Click link below to read more and reveal the Deezer page link.


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Subscribe to Mike Flux @MixcloudSelect

Mixcloud Select is based on a fair distribution model. By subscribing, you directly support Mike Flux, plus the music and artists played in the shows you play. Our licenses ensure that revenue flows in all the right directions.


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Podcasts Platform Page

For those that don’t wish to use third party streaming platforms you can now go to the official Mike Flux Podcasts Platform Page.

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In the last couple of days I have been busy with our hosting provider making some updates and securing the website to match the internet requirement conditions. Also I have a new domain for the site mikeflux.top.

If you need a good hosting provider who will help you with your technical needs I would highly recommend UKHost4u.

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Coming Soon to muusic.fm

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Official Mike Flux Merchandise is now available
from the website on the Goodies Page

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New Final Rebrand

finally designed and released the new looking Mike Flux Brand which is here to stay forever.
A new direction will bring this brand forward in future projects.


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